When you work with Willow Spring Construction, you have a whole team behind you who are as committed to the success of your project as you are. We bring together a talented team with decades of experience in construction, from commercial projects to general contracting to administration management.

In addition to our management team, Willow Spring is dedicated to maintaining excellence at every level. Whether you’re speaking to a Project Manager or our President, rest assured that the Willow Spring team has your back. We are committed to maintaining a consistent team and a number of our staff members have been in the organization for many years.

All Willow Spring staff are expected to abide by our Code of Conduct. We pledge to conduct all our business fairly and ethically. Integrity is key to success and we strive to maintain excellent relationships with our customers, suppliers, and communities.

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Aaron Christensen


Aaron is a leading expert in construction management and contracting with over a decade of experience in the industry including hands-on experience in every aspect of the business.  His responsibility as President is to provide general direction to the management team, liaise with clients, consultants and our staff to ensure a fluid, professional delivery of all projects.  Outside of work, Aaron is an active member of the Simon Fraser University Basketball Alumni Society and can often be found volunteering in the community, fishing, or spending time with his family and friends.

Jason Wharrie

Director of Operations & Business Development

Jason holds a senior role as the Director of Operations & Business Development at Willow Spring Construction with a commercial construction career dating back to 1993. His primary focus is to make sure all projects run smoothly and efficiently, meeting the expectations and needs of clients. His involvement stretches through the design, tendering, construction, substantial completion, and occupancy stages of each project. His responsibilities also include the strategic acquisition of new customers and diversifying the company's clientele.

Darrell Olstrom

Project Manager / Estimator

With over two decades of experience in the construction industry, Darrell is an asset in all aspects of a project. Having joined Willow Spring Construction in 2003, he has a focused view on the goals of the company and tries to achieve the highest of standards for clients. He also acts to bridge the gap between our onsite construction team and the client. Outside of work, Darrell enjoys the outdoors as well as spending time with family and friends.

Bruce Stebanuk

Project Manager / Estimator

Bruce brings over 35 years of construction industry experience having joined forces with Willow Spring after running his his own construction company for 17 years. Bruce has devoted his life to construction and is an integral part in the building process. He ensures projects are delivered on time as scheduled, within budget, and following industry standards. In his spare time, Bruce can often be found fishing, camping, hunting, or playing poker.

Nigel Sharpe

Project Manager / Estimator

Nigel's experience as a Project Manager and Estimator in the construction industry dates back nearly two decades, having overseen large-scale building projects from the ground-up. His communication skills and experience as a leader allow for a thorough and logical approach to projects. As Project Manager at Willow Spring, Nigel ensures projects are delivered on-time and in line with industry standards.

Saman Fartash

Project Manager / Estimator

Saman became a project manager and estimator for Willow Spring in February of 2019, after several years of experience overseeing residential projects from start to finish. He is educated in architecture, garden design and computer science with a certification in project management. His professionalism, attention to detail, and dedication to his projects make him a great asset to the Willow Spring Construction team.

Don Wood

Project Manager / Estimator

Don has been in the construction industry for over 20 years and has been on the management side for over 15 of those years. He has completed a variety of different projects from simple Tenant Improvements to multi-unit mid-rise condominium projects. He is very safety conscience of both the working environment of the company and its employees. He is a strong believer in teamwork, and achieving the goals set out by the client and the company as it reflects a great work ethic and attitude. He brings with him a strong set of analytical, creative, and critical thinking skills to ensure projects are delivered on time and on budget.

Gustavo Muro


Gustavo recently joined the Willow Spring team and in a short time has proved to be a valuable asset. With experience in estimation, field engineering, and administration, he has a strong understanding of the construction industry. His attention to detail and thorough processes ensure that all project tenders are complete. In his position as Estimator he is responsible for reviewing tender drawings, preparing scopes of work, requesting and documenting quotations, site walk throughs, and creating budgets, all on a strict deadline.